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The First Step (E-Book Version)

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The E-book version of The First Step! 

Converting a great idea into a successful business is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by all entrepreneurs. Business owner and author Leo Alhalabi, who launched Udemy’s highest ranking start-up business course, is now here to show aspiring entrepreneurs how to begin from ground zero in his recently released book, ‘The First Step’.

“My goal was simple – I wanted to find a solution for a phrase I so commonly hear… ’I have an idea, but I just don’t know where to start’. Eight months ago, in my quest to figure out what stopped people from taking action on their ideas, I set a goal to write a book which encompasses everything I know about starting a business. A book which will ultimately help anyone who reads it, figure out what their first step should be and take it. I am pleased to present ‘The First Step’. This book will not only answer the doubts you had but were afraid to ask, but will show how to actually convert your business idea into a viable, real world operation,” says Leo.