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Press Release: 'The First Step' is the Ultimate Guide to Turning Great Ideas into Great Businesses

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Book details
Pages: 174
Chapters: 14
Book is written for: Anyone who has ever said “I have a business idea, but I’m not sure where to get started”.
Book covers taking your first steps into:
Deciding what business to enter, setting up your business legally, developing your product/service, identifying the best marketing strategies for you, how to sell your product/service and make money, 50 different real-life business ideas you can start, different avenues for funding your business, challenges to expect as a business owner, becoming a great leader, interviews with other successful entrepreneurs including Faddy Zouky (business employs over 2,000 people) and Dani Zeini (owner of the international burger franchise, Royal Stacks), avoiding the “creating a job instead of a business” trap and a business FAQ section at the very end.


The First Step Is Set To Officially Launch In September 

Converting a great idea into a successful business is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by all entrepreneurs. Business owner and author Leo Alhalabi, who launched Udemy’s highest ranking start-up business course, is now here to show aspiring entrepreneurs how to begin from ground zero in his recently released book, ‘The First Step’.

While there are many ‘how to’ books available today, they leave unanswered many of the burning questions that stop potential business owners in their tracks. Many elements go into the formation of a new business, such as a model, a structure or marketing strategies. No less important is knowing how to lead people and finding out what makes the competition tick. Not to mention the importance of knowing how to automate and outsource your operations for time-freedom and scalable growth.

Leo has been there and done it all, from expanding his small tutoring company to a countrywide success in less than a year, to consulting for several organizations, as well as sharing his insights with thousands of people with his public talks and keynote speeches. The ‘First Step’ not only draws upon his personal experiences, but also brings valuable business tips from Australia’s top ranking entrepreneurs.

“My goal was simple – I wanted to find a solution for a phrase I so commonly hear… ’I have an idea, but I just don’t know where to start’. Eight months ago, in my quest to figure out what stopped people from taking action on their ideas, I set a goal to write a book which encompasses everything I know about starting a business. A book which will ultimately help anyone who reads it, figure out what their first step should be and take it. I am pleased to present ‘The First Step’. This book will not only answer the doubts you had but were afraid to ask, but will show how to actually convert your business idea into a viable, real world operation,” says Leo.

Praise for Leo’s work has come from Dani Zeini, Owner of Royal Stacks, one of Australia’s fastest-growing burger franchises:

Leo is one of the best young business minds that I have had the pleasure of meeting. His mission to help others turn their ideas into a full-blown business reality is truly inspiring”.


About Leo Alhalabi

Leo is a young author, entrepreneur and speaker from Melbourne, Australia. Both his parents migrated from the war-torn Syria and he was lucky enough to be born and raised in this wonderful country he calls home. Coming from a less-than-ideal financial background, from a young age he had one goal – to work hard and allow his mum and dad to ‘live like the King and Queen that they are’. He began his journey at 17 years old, buying and flipping iPhones on eBay. By 19, he started a private tutoring company which he decided to pursue full time after leaving his engineering degree at the start of 2017. A short 12 months later, he grew the company to be Australia-wide with a team of over 450 tutors. For the years ahead, his mission is to continue his entrepreneurial journey and help others succeed along the way.

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Contact Person: Leo Alhalabi
Country: Melbourne, Australia